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Creative Multiplayer Servers for Minecraft

Big list with Creative multiplayer servers for Minecraft – Creative also known as Classic Minecraft, is where you can be creative with your mind and just build endless buildings and structures, with unlimited ressources.

It is often the real creative people that would select a Creative server – maybe you like to paint, sculpt, model og similar in real life, and this can be transfered directly over to the game (same skill set and mind).

For players that are looking for a bit more “action” SMP / Survival servers can be mentioned – this is where your character can die and your task will be to simply survive in a world with angry mobs (PvE)  and players that can kill (PvP) and loot you.

If you like to play roleplaying games (RPG), Minecraft also offers that – do quests and improve your character – check the Minecraft Roleplay servers for that.

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